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The Symposium Participants Enchanted by The Exotisme and Nature Potential of Indonesia
Apr 26 2013 08:08:53 - Source: Djusdil Akrim - last read: Apr 17 2020 (1577 x)
Wednesday, April 24, all the symposium participants take a break for a day from the heavy activity of routine seminar. The seminar committee provided four (4) interesting package that already surveyed since April, 2011 by National Organizing Committe (NOC) led by Mr. Safari Azis and International Seaweed Association Council (ISAC) led by Mr. Iain Neish along with all members of NOC like Mr. Made Simbik, Mr. Komang Ribek, Mr. Agus Sastra Wiguna, Iskak “Iin” Indrayani, Tri Wismiarsi, Mr. Djusdil Akrim, Mr. Irsyadi, Ms. Gilang, and Chief of International Seaweed Society; Mr. Jana Anggadireja and Chief of Indonesia Fikologi Society; Mr. Rahmaniar Rahmat.

The field trip is created in such a way and divided into four groups with special program like Nusa Lembongan, Pandawa beach, Kintamani and Barong Dance, Mengwi/Bedeugul/Alas Kedaton and Tanah Lot. From the four field trip programs each has different magnetic and attraction, but all programs are based and oriented to seaweed commodity.

Nusa Lembongan was chosen because it is the center of seaweed cultivation that has begun from 30 years ago and until now continue to develop and become the primary income of the society. The Pandawa beach is the seaweed center in Bali, here the seaweed cultivation and tourism activity synergies well.

When in the field trip activity in Beratan lake and Kintamani, the participants were taken to see the natural beauty of Bali island and the diversity of Bali society directly. Meanwhile in Mengwi, Bedugul, Alas Kedaton and tuna Lot, the participants are like hypnotized by the exotism of the landscape of Dewata island, Bali, as well known place all over the world.

All the participants enjoyed the field trip, moreover for some participants this is their first experience coming to Indonesia, especially the participants from South America, North Europe and Africa. It seems without exaggeration, they all say as one voice “AMAZING, WONDERFULL, FANTASTIC, UN PERFECTO........ olla gracias!!!


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